Tuesday, August 19, 2014

San Fran: Highs and Lows

We were in San Francisco for 5 days while Phil was at a conference.  He was there to present a poster of his work (and hopefully do a little networking for a future big boy job).  While he was busy during the day (and evening), Henry and I headed out to explore the city.

It turns out that San Francisco isn't the most baby-friendly city.  Obviously it isn't super walkable.  But mass transit isn't super fun with a stroller either.  Almost every BART station elevator we took either smelled like urine or cigarette smoke.

We had a couple other lows on the trip.  Like when the crazy lady walking behind us decided she wanted to start running.  And ran straight into the back of me.  That happened on a day that I had been carrying Henry in the Ergo carrier all day, so my back was already exhausted.

There was the time another crazy lady started FREAKING OUT, dropping the F-word and throwing her sweatshirt around 5 feet in front of Henry.  Not going to lie, I felt my inner momma bear emerging.  It wouldn't have been good.  I mean, getting in a fist fight with a crazy person isn't on my vacation to-do list.

Or we could talk about how we were sitting down, eating dinner when Phil said, "Do you smell that?"

"Yeah," I said.

"That's marijuana."


I never really knew what it smelled like.  After this trip... I do.

The trip also had some pretty good highs as well.  Like getting to spend 5 whole days with Henry.  He and I haven't spent that much time together, just us since he was a newborn.  He's a little more fun now.  We went and saw the sea lions, walked around the piers, went to Ghiradelli Square for some ice cream, rode the cable cars, found some playgrounds, went to the aquarium, swam.

Just to name a few.

All in all, I think we all had a good time.

Pretty sure.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Where have I been?  You didn't know you missed me, but have no fear... I have returned.

I'm a big believer in not advertising when we are away from the house for more than a day and since I really didn't have much else prepared ahead of time, the blog/social media went silent.  I didn't even post pictures to Instagram, which is practically unheard of around here.

So again... where were we?

Phil had a conference in SAN FRANCISCO and Henry and I couldn't help ourselves but to tag along.  5 days away from our favorite man?  Heck no!!  While Phil was busy at the conference, Henry and I hit the town for some adventures of our own.

{Walking around the park by the hotel and trying to get in the fountain}

{Upper deck of a hop on hop off tour bus}

{Being super cute}

{Eating ice cream at Ghiradelli Square}

{And then being really upset when I wouldn't let him eat it all}

{Do you think he's spoiled?  It was too cute to not purchase them}

We are home now and Henry is in heaven having all of his toys back and I am in heaven because I don't have to constantly chase him around a un-baby proof room saying, "Don't touch that!" 8,000 times.

I am also equipped with many a story to tell (lucky blog).

All in all, it was a great trip.  Henry and I haven't spent that much quality time together just the two of us since he was a newborn and it was easy to tell that he and I are a lot more bonded after the trip.  It's small things like he holds my hand while he walks (he never did that before) and he likes to cuddle before bed (never did that either).

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Night Meeting

I had a meeting last night.  It was only supposed to take about 30 minutes.  Simple and quick.

It took 2 hours.

I got home at 7:30, which was just in time for Henry to go to bed.  I am thankful I got to at least help put him to bed.

And my separation was eased a little bit because Phil kept me well updated with pictures like this one:

I called on my way home, Henry rushed over to Phil holding the phone and said, "HI!" just clear as day.

I was desperate to get home and scoop him up!  You know that impatient, anxious feeling you get in the pit of your chest?  I'm lucky I didn't fly home.

When I finally got home, Henry was too busy doing exhausted laps around the kitchen to give me a hug.  But I did learn that he learned a new phrase tonight.  Seriously... one evening and I miss new words.  This working mom stuff is serious business.

While they were reading a book, Phil closed it and tried to get Henry to kind of wipe his hands together to basically say, "All done!"  Henry didn't get the hand motion down, but he now says, "All done!"

What am I going to miss during my next night meeting?  Will he have solved the world's energy crisis?!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Come on Tuesday

I would like to say that yesterday's post worked and I had a wonderful Monday, but that would be a lie.

Yesterday morning was basically shitty.  Excuse the language.  It's the truth.

Phil's advisor decided that his defense, which had been scheduled for September, should be pushed back.  And it has very little to do with Phil and the work he has left and more to do with his advisor and his schedule.

In the grand scheme of things, it's not a big deal.  But yesterday, it felt like a BIG DEAL.  The light was at the end of the tunnel and now it's 2 months further away.

The more we talk and think about it and the initial disappointment wears off a little, the extra time is probably not a bad thing.  And I had a couple of things to help put some skip back into my step.  If you follow me on instagram, you have probably seen some of these.

{I got that hat at Gymboree on clearance, knowing it was probably too big since it is a boy's size Medium.  Well, we needed a hat the other day, so I thought I would see if it worked.  And while it is a little big, it worked great.  According to the Gymboree size chart, it should fit a 6 to 8 year old.  My baby's a GIANT}

{His tush got a wedgy with the swim diaper and I couldn't help but take a picture of it.  He's going to love me when he starts dating because I will show EVERYONE this picture.}

{Snacks are better on the floor.  With dog hair.  He's feet look huge here.}

{I finally got my hair done.  It was more than needed.}

All things combined and I am feeling better.  I plan on having another s'more as well.  Chocolate is always the answer.

Alright Tuesday... let's get things back on track.

Monday, August 4, 2014

A New Day

If I am being totally honest, I am going to say that I have had some tough days recently.  Not the hardest I've ever had, by any means.  I'm not going to get that dramatic.  But just challenging.

I could go into the reasons, but I will spare you the whining.  The truth is it is just life.  Crank baby.  Stressed husband.  Dogs that aren't listening.  Normal stuff.  But it has me in a funk.

And while I like to fool myself into thinking that I am Superwoman and I can just get over it and move it, it turns out that isn't exactly the case.

I'm tired.

My body physically hurts.

And I am struggling with snapping out of the funk I currently find myself overtaken with.

I just want to reset things.  Most of the time, I can get myself to snap out of it.  Not right now.  Not this time.  I would have a glass of wine, but I have a philosophy that you don't drink to make a bad day good.  Only drink to make a good day better.  So I am resorting to the next best thing.


And since I am out of crescent rolls, it is regular s'mores for me.  Plus early bedtime.

I'm going to take a few deep breaths, get some rest, and be thankful that tomorrow is a new day.  I can feel a better attitude already.

Friday, August 1, 2014

5 Things Friday

I'm not sure why, but I am having a HUGE blank on things for this list.  It isn't like the week has been boring, because it hasn't.  But I'm just not sure there are a lot of things to share, if that makes sense.  We'll give it a go anyway because it's my blog and I am nothing if not a stickler for tradition.

1.  I have felt some twinges of baby-fever lately.  I blame it on other bloggers and friends who have recently had babies or announced they are pregnant.  Either way, it has gotten me thinking.  And then I stumbled upon THIS POST from a couple of months ago.

Baby-fever has subsided a bit.

2.  Have you seen these floating around pinterest?

{I made this picture nice and big to make it look extra enticing}

I may have pinned the recipe a little bit ago.  Well we were having some company over last night and while I was at the store (without the recipe) I decided to get the supplies I though were needed to make them:

-  Crescent Rolls
-  Hershey's chocolate
-  Large marshmallows

After I got home, I looked at the recipe.  Not quite right.  But I thought I would just go for it anyway. I rolled a large marshmallow with one bar of chocolate and baked them at 375 degrees for 11 minutes.  The marshmallows WAY expanded and kind of solidified on the pan.  I went ahead and added an extra bar of chocolate in the giant hole the marshmallow left.

But it didn't even matter because they were DELICIOUS!!!!  Looked super weird but nobody cared as they stuffed them in their mouths.  I have no pictures of the ones I made because 1) they were ugly and 2) they were eaten too fast.

For future reference, I will use small marshmallows.

3.  Henry has developed some interesting sleeping positions:

I don't think he will be ready for a big boy bed anytime soon.

Also, he doesn't usually have that stern look on his face while he sleeps.  I had to turn his lamp on to get that pictures.  Blogger Mom, right here.

4.  I'm pretty much over having stomach problems.  2 bouts of food poisoning in the last month... that's lame.  With Phil's defense coming up and all the work that he needs to do for that, I don't want him to get sick anymore.  Being completely rational, I think we will just eat at home until October.  Only extremely over-cooked vegetables, chicken and rice until then.  Totally rational, right?  Right.  No more puking in the Janney house.  Please and Thank You.

5.  The other day at daycare, I pulled into the parking lot and parked with PLENTY of room in my stall for me to get Henry into his carseat.  Anyone who has dealt with a carseat knows that sometimes you end up having the door open AS WIDE AS POSSIBLE to get a squirmy babe fastened.  I walk outside to put Henry in the car and someone has parked their Mercedes over the line in MY STALL.  It took some special maneuvering (and about three times as long), but I was able to get Henry in without bumping the other car.  Meanwhile, that driver (a Grandma) comes out with two little girls.  Because I am busy by one of the doors, she has them crawl through and get in from the other side of the car.  I contemplated saying something to her about leaving more space, but thought better of it.

After I sucked everything in and slid into the driver's side, the Grandma was still waiting for the girls to climb to their carseats.  I buckled my seatbelt, turned on my car and put it into reverse.  But before I could start backing out and before the girls had fastened their seat belts, the Grandma backed out so that she wouldn't have to wait for me to back out.

And it really irked me.

I meant, of all places, the daycare parking lot should be one place that people don't screw you over parking.  We ALL have carseats.  We ALL have had to put babies in the car.  We ALL have dealt people doing that to us.

No where is safe.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Baby's 1st Panera

Henry had his first Panera the other night.  Broccoli Cheddar soup.  

We are working on our utensil skills.  I know he's a little early to expect to use utensils still, but it can't hurt to just let him hold onto a spoon every once in a while.  If nothing else, it helps buy us a few extra minutes at dinnertime.  

I think it's clear that he liked it.  Not the peas so much.  My rationale for the sodium filled soup... at least he was eating broccoli.  That counts as a vegetable, right?

My "Mother of the Year" award is in the mail, I'm just sure of it.
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